Selling Your Mobile Home to California Mobile Home VS Listing With A Real Estate or Dealer Agent

Selling With An Agent SOLD To California Mobile Homes
Commissions/ Fees: $8,000 to $10,000 or 10% on average is paid by you (the seller) NONE
Who Pays Closing Costs?: $2,500 on average paid by you (the seller) NONE- We include all those costs in our offer to you
Inspection and Financing Contingency: Yes, resulting in at least 15% of sales not going through NONE- We buy mobile homes in “as-is” condition and no contingencies
Appraisal Contingency: Yes, sales can often be subject to appraisals matching the offer price NONE- We make ALL CASH OFFERS!
Average Days until Sold: 120 to 180 days on average even in todays market (while still having to pay Lot  Rent) 24 hour cash offer, can close in as quickly as 48 hours
Number of Showings: 30 to 50 showings with 4 to 6 weekends of open houses JUST 1 ( on rare occasions 2)
Closing Date: 45 to 60 days after accepting a buyers offer On the day that works best for you
Who Pays for Repairs?: Negotiated during the inspection period and typically paid by seller We don’t ask for any repairs to be made by you

Best Way to Sell Your Mobile Home- Look at the Numbers and See Which Way Works Best for You

When you start looking at the numbers and timeframe, you can see the real benefits of selling your home to us.

Yes, here at California Mobile Homes, we won’t be able to offer you full retail value for your mobile home, but, what we can offer, are other benefits that selling your mobile home the traditional way cant offer, such as:

From Offer to Close With Cash in Your Hand in as Quickly as 48 Hours

You can get rid of the headaches of that mobile home fast and avoid paying the lot rent, mortgage, utilities, taxes/ registration, insurance, you get the idea. If you decide to list your mobile home with an agent and wait the 120 to 180 days, you have to consider all the above costs you will continue to pay each month while waiting for the home to sell.

Don’t worry about paying to fix anything up or having to clean your mobile home for all the open houses, showings, inspections and appraisals

We promise we don’t care how dirty your home is or how many repairs it needs (even a complete fixer upper is great), we love projects! We still want to make you a cash offer. This saves you time and has no out of pocket costs to you.

Don’t worry about paying closing costs that can really add up (we pay for those too)

Because we are professional mobile home buyers, we make it very easy for you. We pay for all closing costs. What we offer you is what you get ( of course minus any mortgage payoff for the home). Pretty Amazing right!

When you add up the time you can save by working with California Mobile Homes, the simple, no hassle experience and money you’ll save on Lot Rent, Commissions, Fees, Out of Pocket Repairs and Holding Costs when trying to sell the traditional way…it’s easy to see that for many mobile home owners, selling to us is the best option.

Is this for you?

See for yourself and get a fair market all CASH offer on your mobile home today!

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California Mobile Homes gives sellers like you a trusted, simpler alternative to selling your mobile home. A fair market cash offer with No obligation. No risk. No expensive repairs and No waiting around for a buyer. Just a CASH offer within 24 hours!

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